This contest is fairly simple.

1.) Upon receipt of your new Stevens Archery bow please film the entire narrative from receiving the box, opening it, inspecting the bow, setting it up, shooting it etc. Please use editing to keep the total length of the video at about 10 to 12 minutes.

2.) Send us the video in any format, but we prefer downloading to a USB drive (we will provide the address to send it to)

3.) We will upload the video to our Stevens Archery Website, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook!

4.) People will be invited to vote for the top 3 submissions.

5.) We at Stevens Archery will pick our top 3 from among those 3 submissions.

6.) Grand prize winner will receive the new "Intrigue" to give to their wives, Girl friend, Fiance, sister, aunt, cousin, whomever.

7.) Runner up will receive some cool Totally Wired Camo clothing.

8.) 3rd place will receive a Stevens Archery stabilizer.

9.) We will accept submissions until January 15th, 2013. Voting will take place until January 31st, 2013

10.) Winners will be announced on February 7th so you can receive the bow in time to give to your person of choice on Valentines Day!!!

All video submissions will become property of Stevens Archery. More details will be posted on our website